I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Airbus A320 Type Rating Course Assessment page. The assessment process is the same for the A320 course as it is for a self sponsored type rating on another type as required and will remain valid for six months.

To facilitate the procedure, and expedite your application, we would require the following documents from you to be e-mailed, prior to your arrival for the assessment:

a) Copy of your Passport

b) Passport Size Photograph

c) Copy of your Pilot’s Licence

d) Copy of your Medical

e) Copy of your MCC certificate

f) Copy of your ATPL theory subjects passed.

Note: If you do not have the facility to scan your documents with prior arrangements you can bring them to the assessment centre.

Upon successful completion of your assessment you will be required to produce a Criminal Report from your local authorities, which needs to indicate that you have no criminal convictions, and in addition we will need a five year history of employment and or schooling with references.

These are required for your airside pass, and should be sent to our office as soon as practical.

We conduct a positive background reference check, by writing to the Referee and getting a signed and stamped letter from them.

Assessment Centre

The assessment will be performed at our London Gatwick offices, with the simulator check taking place at either OAA or Alteon simulator centres both in Gatwick.

A320 Type Rating assessments take place every other week or on demand when a specific airline has a requirement.

Plan to be at our facility by 0930. Allow yourself time to settle in and relax, coffee, tea and refreshments will be available.

Assessment Process

The instructors will give you an overview on the day. The assessment comprises of an Interview, technical exam, simulator assessment, and a psychometric test.

The Instructor / Examiner will give you a briefing on the items to be assessed and the profiles to be flown.

The Instructor will provide a limited amount of feedback on the day, all of the files will be looked at carefully, and a final selection to take place at our offices.

You will be notified in writing within a week of your assessment the outcome and you will also be given more detailed feedback on your performance.

Simulator Assessment

The Simulator Assessment will be performed by an experienced TRI / TRE who will be assessing you in the following:

1) Learning Curve

The Course you are interested in completing is very demanding. We need to make sure that you will be able to complete it without any problems.

The instructor will be assessing you on your ability to adapt to the unknown, and improve throughout the session.

2) General Handling Skills

The Boeing 737 is a stable aircraft to fly, and it helps the pilots fly complex manoeuvres with ease. There is a large pitch couple however associated with thrust changes and it will be essential to correctly trim the aircraft.

The instructor will be assessing your ability to fly accurately and smoothly while maintaining assigned headings, altitudes, and rates of climb or descent.

3) Instrument Flying

The course assumes that you have a good knowledge of IFR rules and Procedures. Instrument flying is an integral part of the airlines operations, therefore it needs to be at a good standard.

The Instructor will be assessing your IFR knowledge, your Procedural knowledge, and your skills in flying the aircraft solely with reference to instruments.

4) Situational Awareness

The Boeing 737 is an advanced aircraft to operate, therefore the Instructor will prepare the aircraft to be flown in the basic modes, with the FDs off and the conventional navigation displays available.

The Instructor will be assessing your abilities to constantly and positively use the available navigational aids to manage your situational awareness and accurately fly a “RAW DATA ILS”, either to a landing, or a missed approach.

5) Decision Making & Time Management

Airline operations require pilots to make decisions, and manage their time. It is important that you understand the priorities, of safety efficiency, and punctuality.

The instructor will be assessing your ability to make appropriate decisions for the situation, and manage your time in a way that shows that you are aware of the external constraints.


The Instructor will conduct a brief interview in order to get a general feel for you, and your background.

The Instructor is not looking for something specific, so you need to just be yourself and answer the questions honestly.

During the interview the Instructor will be assessing your social skills, your interaction with other people, and your command of the English Language.

Assessment Fee

The fee for the assessment is £450, which is required prior to your attendance due to the fact that the simulators must be prebooked.

PayPal is accepted. You do not need a PayPal account for this facility. You can make your assessment payment now by clicking on the button below.


Book your assessment now so you don't miss out....places are limited. One of the team will contact you today to arrange a date


General Notes

The Assessment day attire is smart casual, therefore you are expected not to wear jeans, or t-shirts.

The simulator must be flown like you would fly the real aircraft. You should never leave thinking that in a real aircraft you would do things differently. There will be enough time for the Instructor to assess your abilities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read the above information, and wish you all the success you want.

All the Best


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